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Welcome to Disney World Information

OK, I will update this page again probably over Christmas break. I leave today for my Disney Cruise, so I'll put bunches of stuff about that on here. Maybe if they have computers on the ship, I can edit my page from there. That would be cool, but I somehow doubt that's gonna happen.

So now you can explore the rest of my site which has:
The best rides in the parks
My family's favorite rides
What rides for what age group
non-Disney stuff (U-Studios and Sea World)
And more...

If anyone out there works for Disney I just want you to know that this is just my little page with my oppinions on your rides. I'm not trying to steal anything. All the songs and junk belong to Disney.


Songs and Music: Sing-a-Long!
Parks: Take a look at some of these attractions
My Family's Favorite Rides: The rides and shows my family likes
Non-Disney: Some other places to visit when you're there
My Disney Pictures: Pictures I Took While At Disney World
Top Ten Lists: Funny Top Ten Lists
Disney's Disney Cruise: (comming soon)

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